The Super Heavy Duty 2017 Ford F350

2017 Ford F350 is one of the strongest heavy duty trucks that are ever planned. Although this car is still in the concept, Ford is pretty sure about producing the car public in the 2017. There are so many changes that you will find from this truck. It represents special performance as well as exterior design that will attract everyone who see the vehicle. Once you see the entire visual appearance of the car, you will see a beautiful designed car that is showing impressive look, attractive bodywork and also innovative details around. You will not feel so complete before discussing about entire elements of this truck.

2017 Ford F350 Spy Photo

What is New on 2017 Ford F350 Feature and Design?

Commonly, heavy duty trucks are only stressed on its engine works. Basically the entire car engine such as engine, exterior, interior and even its features are very important. Imagine if you have 2017 Ford F350 with a super powerful engine but it has a messy seat design. All your driving experience will not be comfortable, is not it? So, all the elements are needed to be considered well. As a truck with super power engine instead, it also fulfilled with some useful features. Some of them are adopting from the first generation model.

2017 Ford F350 Super Duty Side Angle

2017 Ford F350 Exterior Design

The clearest new feature can be surely realized from the presence of front end design change. It is really impressive because the car is now having its new hood, great number of double nostril and also some awesome design touch that are placed in grille, headlights and so on. It means that Ford is putting great attention for 2017 Ford F350 both for the design and engine work. You do not need to worry because you can do your daily works without leaving the sense of style. One thing that makes this car more beautiful is the presence of two mirror and incredible details that are not contained in the previous one.

2017 Ford F350 Super Duty Camouflage

2017 Ford F350 Price

As a heavy duty truck, it means that Ford should provide a very powerful chassis. That is the reason why the trucks are so heavy and are fulfilled by steel mostly. In the newest version, you will realize that the truck is full of aluminum elements. This $32,385 car material will make this car lighter but is still strong as before. Some interior spaces are also improved so that it performs larger areas inside. The entire lights around the 2017 Ford F350 are also covered properly. It can avoid the lights or lamps to be broken by a small crash.

2017 Ford F350 Interior Spy Shot

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