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The Super Heavy Duty 2017 Ford F350

2017 Ford F350 Spy Photo

2017 Ford F350 is one of the strongest heavy duty trucks that are ever planned. Although this car is still in the concept, Ford is pretty sure about producing the car public in the 2017. There are so many changes that you will find from this truck. It represents special performance as well as exterior design that will attract everyone who see the vehicle. Once you see the entire visual appearance of the car, you will see a beautiful designed car that is showing impressive look, attractive bodywork and also innovative details around. You will not feel so complete before discussing about entire elements of this truck.

2016 Ford Super Duty Spy Shots, Specs and Release Date

2016 Ford Super Duty under Heavy Camouflage

After a dramatic fire accident happened some months ago, a prototype of the 2016 Ford Super Duty has been spotted again while undergoing some testings. Ford is hard at work getting ready the pickup trucks for the next release. The Super Duty is very well-known brand in the United States, it’s capable to do the hardest jobs. The new model should have more power and aggressive outer look.

2016 Ford Atlas Release Date, Price and Specifications

2016 Ford Atlas in Silver Color

The 2016 Ford Atlas is rumored to due in later 2015 as 2016 model year. The pickups truck is said to have a lot more aggressive styling and more power. Beside that, more features are going to be employed inside its cabin, including the latest technologies from the company.

2016 Ford Fiesta RS and ST Specifications and Release Date

2016 Ford Fiesta RS with Panoramic Background

A lot of rumors are talking about the arrival of the 2016 Ford Fiesta, many of them said that the arrival should happen in late 2015 or early 2016. Even if it’s still early to talk about the vehicle, it’s always exciting to guess what will the automaker bring to us. Some sources even claimed that the upcoming Fiesta is going to employ all-wheel-drive system.

2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty Release Date and Specifications

2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty Photo

Looks like the arrival of the 2016 Ford F-350 is going to happen soon. The prototype has been spotted by spy photographer while undergoing some testings. The F-350 variant is well-known as heavy duty pickup trucks which is very suitable for heavy load of works. Performance and visual appearance are expected to be the main improvements in the next release.

2016 Ford Focus RS Release Date, Specs and Review

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear View

Ford President and CEO, Mark Fiels, confirmed that the 2016 Ford Focus RS would be available globally including the United States. Before, the hot-hatch is only available for the Europe, United States buyers can only see and wait for the arrival of the hot-hatch to the North America.

2016 Ford Escape Redesign, Specifications and Release Date

2016 Ford Escape

The 2016 Ford Escape is rumored to due in the first half 2015. If the rumors true, than it will be the third generation of the SUV’s life history. Compared to the previous model, the next-generation Escape will bring slight changes on its front fascia and improved interior according to a source. Ford is sure working hard to update almost all of its lineup, looks like competition is getting hotter everyday.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Rumors, Release Date and Specs

2015 Ford Thunderbird

Rumors has been circulating that Ford is going to revive one of its legendary brand, the 2016 Ford Thunderbird. The car is expected to due in mid 2015 or later this year. Even if it’s not yet confirmed, this rumor sure brings a lot of buzzes among Ford fans around the world. Ford is believed to bring elegant and distinctive design language to its bodywork.

2016 Ford GT Release Date, Specifications and Review

2016 Ford GT

The American automaker has confirmed that the 2016 Ford GT will be unveiled at the next Detroit Auto Show. This year will be a big year for Ford and their fans, the Blue Oval won the performance race at Le Mans in 1966. To commemorate this event, Ford plans to revive the supercar. The revival will be an important step to show that the era of Ford has come.

2016 Ford Edge Sport Specifications, Price and Release Date

2016 Ford Edge

2016 Ford Edge Sport is expected to due soon, it will be the second-generation of the model. The Edge was first released back in 2007 and is still one of the best-selling model in its class. As we all know, the Edge Concept was introduced back in 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, so we can conclude that the mid-size crossover would be built based on the platform C / D global Ford.