2017 Mini Countryman, A Car with High Class Classic Design

Lots of new cars are started to show themselves. Between so many products that have groundbreaking performance, 2017 Mini Countryman is one of the car products that have a great request from the customers. It performs a very unique type of a car. The uniqueness that you get is not capable to be seen in other car. It is such luck to choose this car as your daily partner. This car model is very stylish and outstanding as well.

2017 Mini Countryman Spy shot

2017 Mini Countryman Exterior

As the new car plans that are recently introduced, 2017 Mini Countryman should have a proper guide for all of their customers. However, some attracting elements that are appearing should be checked appropriately. This car is based on BMW FWD UKL platform. It uses design which is little bit strange; however, their classic impressions are very special and are gaining a very incredible living style. Top part of the car is one thing which is often repaired. It happens because it is made of flexible material.

2017 Mini Countryman Spy Shot Side Angle

2017 Mini Countryman Interior

Car is not only the transportation device now. You can even reduce the fatigue by using special design on the car. The interior is actually very well created and managed. However, do some changes is also impressive. You can adjust the interior with some elements that you like. If you want to keep its premium look for the interior, you will not need to add some additional items instead. All the seat shape and material are making all the passengers feels comfort.

2017 Mini Countryman Interior Picture

2017 Mini Countryman Engine Specifications

Talking about the engine is sometimes very complicated. However, when you are already known about the engine elements and parts, it seems so simple. The car will be available in 2 engine type. The first type will use 1.5 liter engine size. It is supported with 3 cylinder turbo feature to gain better engine power production. Your secondary engine options will be available in 2 liter of size. This kind of engine will produce incredible power. Some other concept that follows 2017 Mini Countryman can be surely seen from the other car that wants to apply classic impression.

2017 Mini Countryman Spy Shot Rear Angle

Price and Release Date of 2017 Mini Countryman

Uniqueness is always having a large price. It is all related with creativity, the dare of its designer and so on. It seems so appropriate if the car is sold for high price. Basically it is so hard to decide the best price for 2017 Mini Countryman. It will have start price around $25,000 to $30,000.

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