2017 Lexus LF-LC Release Date and Review

The 2017 Lexus LF-LC is one of the most anticipated upcoming cars by the automotive fans. It is a new compact sportscar that is expected to give a huge impact in the sportscar industry segment. Expect new features and latest technology added to the upcoming LF-LC.

2017 Lexus LF-LC Blue Front View

2017 Lexus LF-LC Exterior

The redesigned 2017 Lexus LF-LC will have fresh exterior design that reflects its beauty and power, something more impressive than the potential rivals. Headlights are also too sharp and with revamped hood, these will also become more conventional. New, smaller wheels should also feature, but the air intake at the foot of a rear fender will likely be carried over. Around the back, recessed tail-lights might be too much of a bother, even though they look cool. They’ll most likely be enlarged and pulled around the edge, but otherwise, everything already looks production-ready.

2017 Lexus LF-LC Blue Side View

2017 Lexus LF-LC Interior

One of the most notable improvements in the interior department is the seating feature. The 2017 Lexus LF-LC will be equipped with the finest seat materials that can enhance the passenger’s comfort and driving experience. These functions will make the automobile a hard rival for Porsche 918, BMW i8, Audi R8 ad Acura NSX. Making use of fine leather covering on seats, timber veneers as well as leather layer on the dashboard board as well as in the door panels will certainly make Lexus much more enticing automobile. Navigation system, infotainment, HD touch screen with disk drive storage are present in Lexus LF-LC. Security also gets important treatment with the addition of adaptive boat trip control and air bags.

2017 Lexus LF-LC Interior Design

2017 Lexus LF-LC Specs of Powertrain

Recent reports said that a hybrid engine is possible for the 2017 Lexus LF-LC, giving it another important addition that can attract new buyers. As it seems, this might become a front engine – rear-wheel drive car which should feature turbo four engine up front and an electric motor or two at the back. This way LF-LC could make over 350 ponies, but V8 coupled with an electric motor could yield more than 500 horses. Ah, the temptation! In any case, this concept won’t come out before 2017 at least, and advanced powertrain like these two would require advanced transmission which 7-speed dual-clutch automatic is the best possible setup for this stunning sportscar.

2017 Lexus LF-LC Red Rear Side

2017 Lexus LF-LC Release Date and Price

Rumor has it that the 2017 Lexus LF-LC will be revealed sometime next year, however, it’s not official yet. As for pricing, look for the new LF-LC to bring along a pretty expensive price tag with it. With the stunning design in both exterior and interior parts, plus the high performance of this beautiful sportscar, you will find it quite expensive. A fans site said that it might cost around $200.000. Stay tuned for future updates.

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