2017 Honda Odyssey Rumors and Specs

Recent reports said that the 2017 Honda Odyssey minivan is currently under extensive development. Recent spy shots of minivan roaming Los Angeles streets with heavy camouflage all over its body is the proof. Many of us are speculating that the test mule was a minivan of Acura MDX. However, sources from the inside of company said that Acura has no plan to produce a minivan anytime soon.

2017 Honda Odyssey with Camouflage

2017 Honda Odyssey Platform

It’s not a secret that Odyssey shared much of its components with Acura MDX and Honda Pilot (including Honda Ridgeline pickup). Even if it wears heave camouflage, we can tell that the prototype is almost in production-ready stage. We expect that the 2017 Honda Odyssey will have four-wheel-drive system, a Honda-stamped rear lower control arm and an exhaust pipe. If you look closely, there’s a L-shape lower control arm, they make it that way probably for making some room for underbody components, for example, optional battery for hybrid system.

2017 Honda Odyssey Red Front Side Angle

2017 Honda Odyssey Exterior

You will likely to find the 2017 Honda Odyssey with some major changes over its exterior parts. The new Odyssey will have a customized MDX platform. That said, the new platform allows the vehicle to be better at handling and driving dynamics. New details are also very likely to be added to this model. The design language of the bodywork will be futuristic with highly modern style. Some sources also tell that the new design will be more aggressive. Standard on this 2017 Odyssey will be LED lights on both headlights and taillights.

2017 Honda Odyssey Red Front View

2017 Honda Odyssey Interior

We don’t have much information regarding of the interior of 2017 Honda Odyssey. But we are pretty sure that its cabin going to be more spacious with generous storage space. The cabin will support as much as 7 people inside, with three rows seating. Overall, the driving experience of this new vehicle will be far better that its predecessor.

2017 Honda Odyssey Interior and Dashboard Panel

2017 Honda Odyssey Powertrain

Under the hood, the engine of the 2017 Honda Odyssey will be the revised version of Honda’s 3.5-liter V6 which boasting an out of 278 hp with 252 lbs/ft of torque. Rumors also said that the engine will be mated with 9 speed ZF automatic transmission, the one that being used by the TLX. Fuel economy also gets some improvements with 21 mpg for city and 34 mpg for highway, thanks to lighter bodyweight. A 6 speed automatic transmission is also possible in this release.

2017 Honda Odyssey Release Date and Price

The 2017 Honda Odyssey is expected to come out in late 2016 or early 2017 as 2017 model. We still have much time to anticipate the launch of this new amazing minivan. At the time of writing, we still don’t hear any formal hints about its pricing. We think that Honda will keep this generation’s pricing in line with its predecessor, so our best bet will be $28,975 up to $44,600.

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