2017 Dodge Challenger Rumors, Specs and Release Date

Dodge is one of the huge super car manufacturers that are always produce high class vehicle with spacious features, spec and performances. Cars that are produced by Dodge are never being doubt. It always posses’ incredible performance, one of them is 2017 Dodge Challenger. This car series from Dodge is always attracts everyone’s eyes. From all aspects of automotive, this vehicle is really having world class performance. In have several enhancing functions that you cannot have in another new concept cars that are already exists.

2017 Dodge Challenger Picture

Get to Know the 2017 Dodge Challenger Exterior

When you are facing the exterior of this car, you can see that this vehicle is really stylish. It does not only have high value of aerodynamic system. The whole corners of this car are also made to be very interesting. You can start by exploring its lights design on the car. Both front face and rear side of the vehicle are pretty cool to be the part of Dodge cars. It does not apply design which is too complicated. However, it is still able to perform high class design feels.

2017 Dodge Challenger Picture

2017 Dodge Challenger Interior Aspects

If we are talking about the car interior, it means that we will talk about the sense of comfort that is available on the car. Highest sense of comfort can only be done because the presence of premium materials instead. 2017 Dodge Challenger is ideally fulfilled by a couple of passenger only. As the sport car, it is very common and rational. If you want, you can also carry up to 4 passengers. You can make use the function of rear space of this vehicle.

2017 Dodge Challenger Interior Design

2017 Dodge Challenger Engine and Specification

Born as the high speed a car does not mean the consumers are believed about the car performance. To give some customer’s information, the specs and features information are released. There will be 3 models that you can choose. There are SXT, R/T, and SRT and so on. Each of the models is having its own advantages and disadvantages. You can feel 2017 Dodge Challenger engine with V6 and V8 engine option. It can produce more than 710 horsepower from its 6.2 liter engine.

2017 Dodge Challenger Images

2017 Dodge Challenger Price and Release date Information

There are so many reason why this dodge that are pretty impressive. The market of Dodge is already shows that their new vehicle are totally durable, tough and also elegant. After you are checking all the performance of this car, it is the best time to come into car tuning or car price estimation. Basically this launching will be outstanding. The base price of 2017 Dodge Challenger starts on $39,400, followed by SRT version that has $47.000.

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