2017 Acura NSX Type R Release Date and Specifications

The 2017 Acura NSX Type R has been officially confirmed for production and is expected to arrive in late 2016 or earlier in 2017. The new Type R will have more aerodynamic treatments from Japanese automaker. Power output is also bigger than standard NSX with additional 20-30 bhp from electric assist. Overall, this new sportscar will a totally awesome race car.

2017 Acura NSX Type R Rendering Red Color

2017 Acura NSX Type R Exterior

With the regular NSX having already been revealed in production guise, the looks of the Type R variant are not exactly a guessing game, albeit it turns into speculation as soon as you start mentioning specific details. I have an odd feeling that Honda Honda /Acura Acura may resurrect their Championship White color for its reveal sometime in late 2016 or early 2017, and that shade should help bring out all the body modifications.

Even though the first generation is a bit too old to give some meaningful clues, we can look to it for inspiration. Expect to see a slightly restyled front end with some added splitters and a rear wing are expected to adorn the 2017 Type R. Redesigned, lighter wheels and a slightly wider track may also happen, with the twin-turbocharged V-6 maybe even getting some extra air intakes for improved cooling.

2017 Acura NSX Type R Silver Color Rear Side

2017 Acura NSX Type R Interior

Knowing how the original Type R’s aggressive weight-reduction program was mainly addressed via a no-frills cockpit, it is expected that the 2017 NSX-R will follow a similar route. This time the climate control may actually be kept though, with other non-essential features being instead deleted from the regular model.

With that being said, the track-ready NSX version will likely sport a pair of slimmer bucket seats made from carbon fiber and little to no carpeting at all. Future NSX-R owners may also have to live without sat nav, an audio system and a reasonable amount of sound deadening. Since all those missing features will likely translate into an enormous loss of weight, they shouldn’t argue too much.

2017 Acura NSX Type R Interior Design and Dashboard Panels

2017 Acura NSX Type R Powertrain

Since we don’t have any official information as to the exact engine specs and performance of the car, we can speculate even less about a potential faster version of this gorgeous mid-engine hybrid supercar. What we do know is that it holds a twin-turbo 75-degree V6 engine along with a three-electric motor Sport Hybrid system. It’s all going to the road thanks to a new 9-speed dual clutch transmission developed by Acura, shifting efficiently and quickly regardless of which driving mode you’re in (Quiet, Sport, Sport + or Track).

2017 Acura NSX Type R Release Date and Price

The standard Acura NSX will go on sale this summer in the U.S., while the 2017 Acura NSX is set to arrive in late 2016 or in early 2017. Pricing is expected to start under $200,000 which is a lot more cheaper than any Italian competitors. Stay tuned for future updates!

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