2016 Volkswagen CC Specs, Release Date and Price

New renderings of the 2016 Volkswagen CC has been revealed, the new four-door coupe will be built under the new MQB-based sedan model. The VW CC is considered as a good four-door coupe which costs much cheaper than Mercedes-Benz CLS.


The Volkswagen CC may not carry the same level of mainstream recognition as the Passat, but there’s a certain segment of the population that developed a certain level of affinity for the luxury sedan. Well, for those who fall under this category, good news has arrived in the form of a next-generation Volkswagen CC.

MotorTrend sat down and talked with VW of America president Michael Horn and among other topics that were discussed, the future of the next-generation CC was broached. According to Horn, the next-gen CC is already under development and there are talks within the company that the new CC could come in a radically new design that could have similarities with the Audi A7.

Horn also teased that the new CC could come in more than just one version, which could include a fastback model that will draw comparisons to the A7 Sportback . If anything, using the A7 as a peg for the next-generation CC is as good an indication as any that Volkswagen has some big plans for its luxury sedan.


Like the current model, Chin’s CC rendering shares only minor styling features with the regular sedan, including the large new grid-like grille design. Highlights of the second CC generation will include all-LED headlights and taillights, trapezoidal exhaust, wider tracks and strong shoulders lines.

The 8th generation Passat sedan has left a lasting impression after its debut last week, thanks to an array of technology features and sculpted front end design. Like the new Golf, it’s likely to become one of the most popular vehicles in its segment.



A number of powerful new turbocharged engine are being launched and will also be available with the second generation CC when it debut in 2016. These will include a new twin-turbo 2.0-liter TDI with 240 PS and a 2.0 TSI borrowed from the SEAT Leon Cupra.

Other than the expected design overhaul of the CC, Volkswagen is apparently considering building the sedan closer to where a bulk of its models will land. Horn indicated as much, telling MotorTrend that rising production costs could compel the company to shift production in the US or in Mexico.

Release Date and Price

For now, we still don’t have munch information when will the 2016 Volkswagen CC be released. As for pricing, we expect that the next-generation CC will cost around $32,000.

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