2016 Toyota Prado Redesign

2016 Toyota Prado Redesign

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2016 Toyota Prado offers a wide range of engine options with the most basic being a 3.0L, turbo diesel unit which can produce a total of 170 HP power & 302 lb -ft torque. An alternate power train offers a VVT-I petrol based 4.0L, V-6 cylinder engine that has a power & torque output of 270 HP and 281 lb-ft respectively. One should also note that Toyota Motor Corporation is further planning on releasing a hybrid variant with a fully-fledged electric engine. Both power trains have been paired with a manual or automatic 6 speed & automatic 5 speed power transmission system respectively. However, it should be duly noted that the company is yet to reveal the final specs and as a result variations in trim levels & configuration are possible.

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