2016 Nissan Z Redesign, Specifications and Release Date

Many are expecting that the 2016 Nissan Z sports car would be totally different than the current model. As an iconic brand of the Japanese automaker, expectations are really high, people want something different and really aggressive in the next release. With all those demands and expectations, it would be a smart decision if Nissan give it all to win buyers attention and win the competition.

2016 Nissan Z


As for the exterior design of the 2016 Nissan Z, the biggest news is the one concerning the new roof arrangements. Namely, the coupe version of the 2016 Z will feature a T-top (targa-roof), while the roadster gets a retractable hard-top instead of its current soft-top. The Nissan planners expect the new T-top styling to make the Z-car more appealing and potentially widen their customer base.

2016 Nissan Z Side View


Yes, we will talk about about internal planning and external of this 2016 Nissan Z. If you look at the internal planning of this 2016 Z fantastic automobile you would be very fascinated and desired to drive. It is real that from the internal planning of this fantastic car, you will see the areas spacious and the cottage is also awesome. You can even discover some of the most advanced technological innovation set up in the car if this automobile.

2016 Nissan Z Interior


2016 Nissan Z engine is 2.0-l turbocharged. This powertrain is carried over from some Mercedes models. However, this engine is good for around 210 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque which is good enough for Nissan Z 2016. Also, there is boosted model of new Nissan Z. It is powered from turbocharged, direct-injected 3.0-liter V6. This is more serious drivetrain which gives around 350 hp power to redesigned car. Not all transmission system details are known, but we found that 6-speed manual and 7- speed auto gearbox connects engine and drive system.It is well known that the 2016 Nissan Z will use turbo charger which will certainly provide a very exciting ride.

2016 Nissan Z Rear View

2016 Nissan Z Release Date and Price

There’s a lot of speculation about the release date of the 2016 Nissan Z, but all those rumors are pointing almost exactly the same, the beginning of 2015. As for pricing, expect the sports car to be tagged a cost of $33,000. Competition will come from well-known brands, such as Ford Mustang, Lexus RC coupe, Hyundai Genesis, Chevrolet Camaro, BMW 2-Series Coupe and Audi TT.

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