2016 Mazda RX7 Concept, Specifications and Review

Rumors has been circulating that Mazda will resurrect one of its famed lineup, the 2016 Mazda RX7. Beside the Supra, the RX7 is also one of the most anticipated model to resurrect in the next years. Rumors also said that the car will be a two-seat coupe with much lighter body weight. The new vehicle will employ a new-generation 250bhp rotary engine.

2016 Mazda RX7


Look of the upcoming model 2016 Mazda RX7 will be designed by KODO design language. Although this was expected, Japanese producer will not leave things like this. Its design will be further upgraded with sharp lines, and sporty details. Due to usage of light-weighted platform and light materials, 2016 RX7 should weight around 2800-3000 lbs, which will provide better fuel economy and aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Exterior of the 2016 RX7 will have most resemblance with MX-5, with whom it shares the platform. Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s global design chief, said that new RX7 will not be made in retro styling, but didn’t reveal any further info about what could be expected.

2016 Mazda RX7 Concept Side View


That’s a lot of words to describe one engine, but all of those words put together could make some magic. Mazda is admittedly already working on a hybrid version of its Skyactiv engine, but keeping the rotary tradition alive in the RX-7, they’ll somehow find a way to make those two things work together.

One thing we can credit Mazda for is keeping purists mostly happy. With the MX-5 and even the RX-8, Mazda still offered the old three-pedal layout. We don’t doubt they’ll do the same with a new RX-7. Of course, an automatic will be probably be available too. The idea here is that, unlike Toyota, Mazda won’t be building a 500 horsepower supercar.

2016 Mazda RX7 Rear View

2016 Mazda RX-7 Release Date and Price

Rumors has it that the 2016 Mazda RX7 would be introduced later in 2015 or earlier in 2016, some reports even said that it’s launch timing could be delayed, it might be a 2017 model year. It’s way to early to talk about its pricing, but our estimated price would be $30,000. Keep coming back here to see future updates about RX7’s development progresses and full specifications.

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