2016 Honda Civic Type-R Hot Hatch US Specs and Review

The long-awaited vehicle, the 2016 Honda Civic Type-R hot hatch finally made its first debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show.  The hot hatch previews as a sporty vehicle while wearing bright blue finish. Good news is that this Type-R will soon appear in North America. The Civic will likely to get some adjustments for North American market.

2016 Honda Civic Type-R Hot Hatch

The 2015 Type-R is close to hits the European streets, but the US market has to wait. The euro-Civic lives another life, parallel but different, from the US-version. In Europe the C segment is hatchback’s kingdom, with less figures sales of sedan versions. The R&D of the different series has different needs and headlines.

The hottest Civic never would come before 2015, when the Europeans is waiting the launch of the Type-R, with a probably announcement at the end of 2015 and an early launch during 2016 for US-specs model.

2016 Honda Civic Type-R Hot Hatch Front View


It appears initially to reflect the styling of the Paris concept, particularly the rear with the huge wing and quad-tailpipes clear to see. However, there are some details that have been toned down. The front has lost the striking light clusters, replaced by a simpler design and traditional circular fog lamps instead of the LED light bar. The deep front wing is still present, as is the mesh grille.

The wheel-arches appear to be slightly toned down from the flared items on the concept, although the deep side skirt remains. The huge brakes are also evident, as are the trademark red calipers. Only a small section of the interior can be seen but the images show a return of the distinct Type R red bucket seats, as well as red seat belts and interior detailing.

2016 Honda Civic Type-R Hot Hatch Side View


Honda says that the new Civic Type-R will be the most extreme and high-performing Type R ever with performance that even tops the old NSX Type-R. It will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder that will have more than 276 horsepower and that will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Honda is keeping most of the performance highlights under wraps, but did reveal that the Civic Type-R will get a new ‘+R’ button that’s located to the side of the steering wheel. When the button is pressed engine responsiveness is heightened and the steering becomes more responsive.

Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader for the Civic Type R stated, “In default standard mode, the Civic Type R is exceptionally agile, an everyday sports car with an enjoyable and fluid acceleration. The ‘+R’ button brings out a more dynamic and athletic car for the driver, sure to set pulses racing. The difference in character is immense. The ‘+R’ mode is extreme; the car is ideal for the track and will be appreciated by the genuine sports-driving enthusiast.”

To keep torque steer under control the new Type R’s front suspension system includes and additional mechanical system involving two supporting ‘kingpins’. Also a new four-point Adaptive Damper System has been developed specifically for the new Type R, which automatically adjusts front and rear suspension damping force stiffness in a split second.

2016 Honda Civic Type-R Hot Hatch Rear View

Release Date and Price

The 2016 Honda Civic Type-R hot hatch is reported to be ready showing in late 2015 with sales following right after, early 2016 perhaps. AutoExpress mentioned that the hot hatch will cost around £30,000, which translates into $47,000. Not an accurate pricing though, but it can give us a starting point to estimate its real pricing.

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