2016 GMC Acadia Redesign, Specifications and Release Date

Looks like the rumors about the release of the 2016 GMC Acadia is coming true. Even if it’s not confirmed yet, discussions about the SUV are beginning to start in fans sites. Many are expecting that the new Acadia will feature new platform (called Lambda platform), new engine and tweaked styling. Well, with all these buzz all around, we are all certainly hoping that this SUV will go into production.

2016 GMC Acadia SUV

Exterior and Interior

Exterior changes on 2016 Acadia will be minimal. Outside, new Acadia could feature some minor alterations on the front fenders, to modernize it slightly, or new colors in order to refresh the model. Other than this, Acadia will remain unchanged. Big changes, which will include serious weight reductions and perhaps upgrades under the hood can’t be expected before 2017-2018 model year.

New models will become more efficient in compare to its predecessors. Concept will be based on using lighter materials in higher percent in constructing, which will reflect on the all performance of vehicles. Reduce of weight surely will take effect on fuel economy, but also must keep existing characteristics. Problem could be towing capacity of some vehicles. More powerful line-up engine is one of solutions to solve this deficiency, caused by reduction in weight. According to data from GM, they will combine of materials such as aluminum, magnesium and steel with high-strength characteristics in ideal proportion. And what will be done with this improvements, will find out after first testing of new models.

Lots of new features will be available in this one both in its interior and exterior. The interior will be given new entertainment features to make driving a lot more interesting. Its bumper and its grille are expected to be redesigned also for better aerodynamics. Buyers should also expect newly designed headlights, taillights and fog lights for better functionality. The lighting are expected to be included with LED technology. Its wheels will be made larger than what obtains in the previous version and its suspension will be of top quality for better functionality.

2016 GMC Acadia Interior


2016 GMC Acadia will be built using the GM Lambda platform. The size in 2016 GMC Acadia will also be reduced considerably and this will improve further on its maneuverability. The redesign is also expected to reflect on its seats, its control features and lots of other aspects. The manufacturers have not give in much hint as regards its power train. However, it is expected to come with new engine to improve on its functionality. The newly included features will be top of the line. Buyers will have access to a number of safety features also in the automobile. All the safety features in the previous will be included and more will be added for better value.

2016 GMC Acadia Rear View

2016 GMC Acadia Release Date and Price

Launch timing of the 2016 GMC Acadia is expected to occur in the first half of 2015. Meanwhile, pricing is estimated to range from $35,000 for standard version to $50,000 for the range-topper. Makes sure you bookmark this page to find new updates and news in the future.

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