2016 Ford Focus RS Release Date, Specs and Review

Ford President and CEO, Mark Fiels, confirmed that the 2016 Ford Focus RS would be available globally including the United States. Before, the hot-hatch is only available for the Europe, United States buyers can only see and wait for the arrival of the hot-hatch to the North America.

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear View

Here’s the official statement of Mark Fields in an event, “We have a new Focus RS coming to market,” said Ford President and CEO Mark Fields, “and it’s coming globally.” Welcome to the next track warrior in the I4 class, coming your way sooner than later.


The RS naturally will be based on the excellent platform underpinning the current-gen Focus, which makes it one of the finest-driving small cars extant. As is clear from these spy photos, the RS will more specifically be spun off the Focus ST, albeit with clear visual and functional differences.

For starters, the exhaust layout is unique. The ST has two center-exit exhaust outlets with a shared stylized tip, this RS mule gets two wide-set outlets. This detail also distinguishes this prototype from, say, the ST that’ll be updated with the 2015 Focus’s sheetmetal. (We’ve spotted some 2015 STs around our offices here in Michigan, and they retained their center-exit exhausts.) Another giveaway that this Focus means serious business is its wheel-and-tire package, which sees 19-inch Shelby GT500–esque rims wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires. The wheels are one inch larger in diameter than the ST’s 18s, and they sit in front of massive brakes. Up front, what appears to simply be elaborate camouflage loosely covers a more or less wide-open front end designed to funnel massive amounts of air to the radiator and intercooler.

2016 Ford Focus RS Side View


The Focus RS’ interior will likely get a similar performance-inspired upgrade as the exterior. That means sportier seats with more side bolstering to hold you in place through corners, a thick-rimmed steering wheel, and plenty of Alcantara trim and colored stitching. Because what’s the point of going fast if you don’t look fast?

Other than that, expect the same layout as a standard Focus. Ford may dial up the level of standard equipment to justify a higher price for what is likely to be a low-volume model, so there should be plenty of bells and whistles as well.

2016 Ford Focus RS Interior with Sporty Style


Power could come from a hot version of the 2015 Mustang’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, with output up to about 330 horsepower. A six-speed manual gearbox is expected, and all-wheel drive could also get the nod over the previous Focus RS’s RevoKnuckle/Quaife front-drive-only setup.

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear View

2016 Ford Focus RS Release Date and Price

Reports said that the 2016 Ford Focus would bow at 2015 Detroit Auto Show, sales should begin in the mid 2015 or later. Pricing is estimated to be no less than $30,000. We will update you soon with more information as the development progresses.

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