2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Specs and Review

The 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider is reported to be launched sometime next year. The Ferrari LaFerrari made its first debut back at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Entitled as the fastest supercar developed by the Italian automaker, it is also the first car to employ hybrid engine in Ferarri’s lineup. LaFerrari is special since it’s positioned as replacement of the legendary Enzo and F50, also this is the first Ferrari that is not designed by Pininfarina since 1973.


Built in just 499 units and priced from $1.7 million, the LaFerrari became an instant hit with deep-pocketed enthusiasts, who rushed to pay the hefty sticker and help Ferrari close order books in a matter of months. Although the Italians have yet to assemble all 499 units as of 06/18/2014, the LaFerrari saga is set to continue in an even more exclusive fashion with the LaFerrari XX , a track-only supercar forged by means of decades of motorsport heritage.

Now, as the first road-going LaFerraris have already met their owners, the Italians are reportedly looking to expand the lineup even further. Next on their list, according to a brand-new rumor, is the LaFerrari Spider.

Details are pretty scarce at the time of this writing, but we’re not at all surprised to hear the LaFerrari could lose its top. If supercars like the Lamborghini Veneno and the Bugatti Veyron can do that, why shouldn’t the LaFerrari do the same? According to Automobile, which is responsible for this enticing rumor, the LaFerrari could drop its top just in time for 2015 — the track-exclusive XX is also scheduled to arrive then.

Among the plans which Car and Driver reports Ferrari has afoot will be an open-top LaFerrari Spider – something which the Prancing Horse marque hasn’t done at the top of its range since the F50, which came exclusively with a removable hardtop. The 6.3-liter hybrid V12 will likely carry over unchanged, as will most of the other parameters, but for the joy of experiencing 1,000 horsepower with the wind in your hair – and the exclusivity of being one of the just 50 owners – we’re told to expect a price tag roughly double that of the existing $1.35 million coupe.


The upcoming LaFerrari Spider is not only about removing its roof, it also brings interesting engine changes. In Geneva next March, the House that Enzo Built is tipped to introduce a Modificato version of the 458 with a twin-turbo V8 producing around 670 horsepower – over one hundred horses more than in the new California T. A refresh for the all-wheel-drive FF is also said to be underway for 2016, when it will receive a less awkward roofline and the possible addition of a V8 base version alongside the V12 that will remain naturally aspirated. As it will in the updated F12 due the following year.

Release Date & Pricing

Although details is still limited, reports said that the 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will join LaFerrari lineup in 2015. This is a special car so Ferrari decides that there will be only 50 units produced. Pricing is expected to be roughly twice as much as the coupe, that will cost about $2.8 million, way more expensive that the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Well, with this much information, i can tell you that this supercar is worth to wait.

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