2016 Dodge Dakota Redesign, Specs and Review

Latest reports said that the 2016 Dodge Dakota pickups will receive updates and will introduced in late 2015. Unfortunately, there’s not much details available at this time. This update will mainly focus on improving visual appearance to attract more potential buyers since their last sales reports didn’t show much improvements. Moreover, expect the new pickups to boast better fuel economy thanks to the revised engine.


The First Dodge Dakota was presented in 1987. Since then, it became one of the most popular pickup on the market. The new  Dodge Dakota will be the fourth generation of this model. The new design will bring more comfort and luxury, therefore attracting new customers. Also it will be more powerful.


2016 Dodge Dakota will be launched on market redesigned. Truck will look more modern and more powerful compared to the previous model. The new pickup should be slightly longer than its predecessor. Weight will also be slightly increased, but despite that, fuel economy strives to be improved. The front of the 2016 Dodge Dakota will have a more streamlined headlights and a redesigned grille. Bumpers front and rear will be the same color as the body, which contributes stylized truck. 2016 Dakota will have four doors and a trailer with loading luggage. The door on the trailer will be easier and more functional open, which will facilitate the entry of cargo. Luggage space will be slightly lower compared to last year’s model, but still will be able to transport large amounts of cargo. The idea of the company is that the pickup is intended for transportation, job and that every customer offers a very comfortable ride.



The interior is believed to be more spacious as well as more comfortable. Seats will have thin skin layer finish. The tool box between the driver and passenger will also have a skin finish with Dodge logo on it and enough space to contain sufficient tools required. The seats further can be adjusted as per the passenger, which is a great alteration in this new model. The driver will be able to avail all the information like temperature, speed, rev, distance covered, etc in a fully digital screen in the driver’s room. Dash board will also be re-designed to match the cars’ sporty look, but along with comfort. It will also consist of defogger side windows.



For now, there aren’t many details that can be said about the engine. It is however expected that the engine will not be too different from its competitors’. It will have the usual powerful V6 four-cylinder engine with output of about 210 horsepower. There is however a possibility of other engine options in order to take a leap ahead of competitors. This is expected to be a V8 engine with 320 horsepower. The engine will be available as either 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The 2016 Dodge Dakota also has an improved fuel usage and will come with a fuel economy of 30 mpg. With time, more details will be released and there is still a lot of room for a steady improvement in the specifications.

Release Date and Price

The company remains silent about the release date and pricing details of the 2016 Dodge Dakota. For now, we can only give you our estimated release date and price. The new Dakota is expected to arrive at dealerships in 2015 as 2016 model year. With all the new technology applied, the redesigned pickups will cost around $60,000. More information should be available as the development progresses, keep checking back here!

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