2016 Audi RS5 Release Date, Specs and Review

The 2016 Audi RS5 becomes one of the hottest rumors among the car enthusiasts around the world. Many are hoping that the sports car is going production. If these rumors are true, then expect some improvements in both visual appearance and its cabin, and of course in its engine as well.

2016 Audi RS5 Coupe Red in A Desert


2016 Audi RS5 is made with better materials in the exterior and also interior of this car. There will be some materials that will be used in this car such as steel, composites, aluminum, magnesium and some other materials. Audi RS5 is made in lighter body so it will help this car to produce bigger power, fastest speed and better aerodynamic too. Audi reduces 200 pounds of weight in this car to create better performance and speed. So, are you ready to drive this car in high speed? Your expectation about great performance from this car will be fulfilled for sure.

2016 Audi RS5 Blue in Front of A Garage


The Interior 2016 Audi RS5, there will be also a lot alterations from existing model. Attractiveness from outside was carried over to the cabin, so it will likely be incredibly elegant and to the some point luxurious. Some of these might be speakers with CD and MP3 player, GPS and controls from touchscreen show, Bluetooth connectivity and a lot of more. Around the security side, 2016 Audi RS5 will come with all common attributes, and some more systems.

2016 Audi RS5 Interior Design with Red Accent


However this is not the model that brings revolution. One that attracts a lot of attention wearing TDI-e tag and provides an identical engine, what makes the TDI-e is different in that it is able to operate both turbo engine in the same time, which also gets high power unheard of for a V6 diesel engine. This is possible thanks to a small electric motor, which drives both turbo and already at 3,000 RPM reaches its maximum power. The 2016 Audi RS5 TDI will also develop very high 749 Nm of torque at just 1,250 rpm.

2016 Audi RS5 Release Date and Price

Look for the 2016 Audi RS5 to hit the dealerships floor sometime in 2015 right after the reveal of the A5. Expect for a slight price increase in the 2016 model year, new features, design and options may command a few dollars more. More information should be available as the development progresses, so stay tuned!

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