2016 Audi RS4 Redesign, Engine and Rumors

The 2016 Audi RS4 is rumored to due sometime in the 2015 as 2016 model year. That being said, Audi appears to follow the Europe’s emission laws resulting in downgraded powertrains in almost every Audi’s lineup. RS-branded lines, such as the RS4, also gets the same treatments.

2016 Audi RS4 in Motion on A Circuit


Fast forward to the current-generation RS4, and you can immediately tell the growth the model has had since its infancy a little more than a decade ago. 2016 Audi RS4 Avant made use of Audi’s core RS design principles, highlighted by its fancy hexagonal single-frame grille with a matte aluminum-look finish and its honeycomb insert finished in a high-gloss anthracite.

2016 Audi RS4 at an Automotive Show


As the other Audi’s cars, this car also has the combination of stylish, sporty, and elegant look as for its interior side. The stylish and elegant look will be able to be seen by you as for high quality material which used both on the dashboard and the seats. in addition, this new 2016 Audi RS4 also has sporty look since the use of sporty design which applied inside of the cabin especially on the cockpit of this car.


Word from Car and Driver seems to indicate that the German company will be using turbocharged V-6 engines on its RS-branded lines, including the RS4 . No longer will the company’s sports line hitting production V-8, instead the focus will now center on those turbo V-6s, smaller in displacement but no less powerful once you add those turbochargers into the mix.

That’s looking like Audi’s plan for the RS4, which really is as much a return to its previous form than it is a downgrade of sorts. After all, as recent as 2001, the RS4 Avant packed a 2.7-liter, twin-turbo V-6 under its hood, so it’s not like Quattro GmbH is venturing into unchartered territory when it comes to marrying the two sides together.

2016 Audi RS4 Release Date and Price

Expect the 2016 Audi RS4 to be introduced sometime in the 2015 as 2016 model year. As for pricing, there’s no official words up until now, but expect some price increase from the previous model. We will update you with more information as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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