2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Super Sedan Release Date

Reports said that the 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda is currently undergoing final test in extreme hot weather in Oman. The photos show the next-generation Lagonda in its final form, the super sedan will only be offered to Middle East market in limited edition, that explains why the final test are done in extreme hot weather.


The hot weather testing procedures include driving the car roughly 500 miles per day over a four-week period of time, for a total of 14,000 miles in Oman over a 30-50 degrees celsius (86–122 degrees fahrenheit) temperature band, according to Clarke. Think of the process as giving the Lagonda a sun-kissed tan, but doing so without sunscreen, water, or the gentility associated with the word “kissed.”

The return of Lagonda follows in the wake of other headline-grabbing projects such as the One-77 hypercar, V12 Zagato and last year’s CC100 Speedster Concept – then seen as the ultimate Q by Aston Martin car – which started out simply as a centenary celebration design concept and, as a result of exceptional demand, later turned into two customer commissions.

It will be hand-built by the finest craftsmen and women at Aston Martin’s modern manufacturing facilities in Gaydon, Warwickshire in a dedicated building previously given over to the creation of the One-77 hypercar.



As for the look of the car itself, there is little we see here that Oman Air didn’t already give away: the front end wears a stern expression, with a broad, horizontal grille and simple LED headlamp details. The profile—especially the squared-off C-pillar—is quite formal, and the long, flat hood exudes an air of power and grace. The Lagonda’s hood’s air extractors are located in more or less the same locations as are those on the 577-hp Rapide S, leading us to believe that it is powered by a similar V-12 engine. Given the Lagonda’s loftier position, however, we’d expect it will get a bit more power. We can also see that, like all recent Astons, all four of the Lagonda’s doors open out and up a slight, curb-clearing angle.

Beyond what we can see, however, details are thin; it isn’t presently clear how much of the body is carbon fiber or some other exotic material, or if any such material is used at all. The car’s underpinnings, too, are a mystery; the architecture most likely is shared with the Rapide S, but there’s a chance it utilizes components from Aston’s next-generation vehicle architecture. Oh, and as we already mentioned, Aston Martin still hasn’t shown off the Lagonda’s interior.



New images of the sedan have just been released by Aston Martin, which show the exterior in great detail but keeps the interior hidden. The Lagonda is based on the bones of Aston Martin’s Rapide and shares that model’s 6.0-liter V-12 engine, although power may be uprated beyond the 552-horsepower rating of the 2015 Rapide S. Drive is to the rear wheels only, via an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Release Date and Price

Sources report that the 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda super sedan will be released later this year or in early 2015. Rumors are circulating that the limited edition Lagonda sedan will only be produced no more than 200 units. Details about its pricing remains unknown. Keep coming back here for future updates.

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